There is always something that can be done, even little.
There is always someone to help, even by information.
This is our struggle nowadays to bring accurate information to whomever is searching.
Information can be so valuable that it can contribute in reducing injustice, thus each and every one will be aware of his rights as established by the various laws, so no one, not even the system, can ever trespass them.

This is one major objective of the Lebanese Penal Law Association.
With the collaboration of a very motivated team of lawyers, we aim to raise Legal & Judicial awareness at all levels.
Additionally, Global information can be very inspiring mainly regarding Human Rights Respect all over the Globe.
By exposing important International cases, we believe we can open new perspectives to enhance Human Rights Protection.
Our work shall be continuous & Our commitment shall be effective.
Keep up with our News & Publications, you will surely be satisfied and globally more alert.

Best Regards,

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