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Election minutes of the administrative committee on 20/08/2007

| 04/09/2007 |

According to the request presented by the association named “the Lebanese Association for Penal Law”, holder of the notice number 412/AD dated 06/09/2006, located in Beirut and registered in the Directorate General for Political Affairs and Refugees under the number 6248/4, dated 21/08/2007.

After reviewing the personal file of the association mentionned hereabove and held by the concerned department, we noticed the following:

The association presented the election minutes of its administrative committee on 20/08/2007; the latter was registered under the number 6248/4 on 21/08/2007. The committee appeared to include the following members:

Judge Michel Massoud MADKOUR Chairman
Roy Michel MADKOUR Vice Chairman
Rita Charles ABOU ZEID Secretary and Representative of the association before the Government
Paola Michel MADKOUR Treasurer
Denise Mikhael EL BOUSTANY Accountant

This attestation is valid until 31/12/2007, as long as there is no new input on the subject.

Beirut, on 03/09/2007

Signature of the Director General of Political Affairs and Refugees, Brigadier General Engineer Nicolas HABR Seal of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities

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