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Tony ORIAN 2001/Hunger Strike, we were there ...

| 03/02/2011 |
Tony ORIAN 2001/Hunger Strike 

Orian Says He is Still on Hunger Strike

Jailed Aounist Tony Orian has denied claims by prison authorities that he has stopped his open-ended hunger strike. "I am still on strike. 

They tried to feed me in hospital, but I refused to eat," Orian was quoted as telling an official of the International Organization for Watching Prisons.

The official, attorney at law Roy Madkour, said in a statement highlighted by An Nahar on Wednesday that he spent half an hour trying to talk Orian into discontinuing his strike to no avail.
"We simply could not break his will. He insisted stubbornly on carrying on the hunger strike, contending it is a matter related to public freedoms that are guaranteed by the constitution," Madkour said of Orian. 

Madkour was allowed by Prosecutor-General Adnan Addoum to visit Orian at Dahr El Basheq government hospital on Tuesday. Orian had been rushed to the hospital from Roumieh prison on Monday. 

Orian's transfer followed a picket by mothers, relatives and friends of detainees from Gen. Aoun's Free Patriotic Movement and Samir Geagea's Lebanese Forces. 

Police roughly broke the protest and Orian's mother, Leila Orian, 45, fainted and was rushed to Abu Jawdeh's hospital. She was discharged Tuesday and was allowed immediately to visit her son in Dahr El Bashek. 

Madkour said Orian has assured him that he began his hunger strike last Wednesday, not Saturday as the authorities claim. 

Beirut, Updated 29 Aug 01, 15:28

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